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Hi, we are Philip and Stephanie. We created House Cleaning Advice in order to help you all in your cleaning endeavors. Here, we share our tips and tricks that make cleaning easier and faster. From homemade solutions to product recommendations, we try to give our readers the best possible advice. If you ever have a cleaning problem that you can’t figure out how to solve, this is the place to be.

As a couple living together, we like our space to be as clean as possible. Probably one of the big factors that made our relationship click. Since we got to live together, we were constantly trying new cleaning methods and products. Sometimes we even bought products just to test them and see which one is better. Yes, we are that couple! We used to have a journal with all the tips we found for cleaning.

One day we decided to take all this information and experiences and digitalize everything. We wanted to have all this on our laptop. Then the idea was born. Why don’t we create a website for cleaning? This way not only we, but the whole internet community can have a benefit of it. We can help everyone. That is how House Cleaning Advice was born.

We knew that there were a lot of websites about cleaning already, but we wanted to do something different. We wanted to create ultimate guides for every possible problem you will encounter in your everyday cleaning. With every passing day, we try to add value to our readers. We personally make sure that every single solution or a product that we recommend on House Cleaning Advice is of top quality.

If you want to contribute and share some of your tips, tricks or product reviews, feel free to contact us or write in the comment section of the website.

Thank you for visiting housecleaningadvice.com

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