Best Air Purifiers for Dust Mites – Buyers Guide

Dust mites, along with their waste products, are lighter than air, which means that they remain airborne in your home. Vacuuming your beds and furniture is not enough to clean your house of dust mites. The best option would be to find the best air purifiers for dust mites for your home. Here is everything you need to know about air purifiers for dust mites and how you can keep your home free of dust mites!

There are many different models of air purifiers out there and it is quite difficult to choose the right one. We spent dozens of hours doing thorough research on the most popular models and found that the best option for removing dust mites is the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier. The True HEPA on this purifier is second to none when it comes to removing dust mites.

You can read more about our impressions with this product and why we chose it as our favorite option further down in this article. Before that, you need to learn a few more things that will help you choose the air purifier that fits your needs!

How does an air purifier remove dust mites?

An air purifier with a HEPA filter or a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter captures airborne particles which are u to 0.3 microns in size. Often, dust mites and their waste products are lighter than air, thus, becoming airborne. The HEPA filter efficiently traps these airborne particles and removes them from your home, thus eliminating dust mites and giving you clean, pure breathing air in your home.

How often do you need to change your filters in the air purifier?

Typically, it is a good habit to change your filters every 6 months, especially if your air purifier has a carbon activated filter. However, some filters last longer, even up to 2 years.

You can buy an air purifier which has a filter change indicator. The indicator will light up when it is time to change your filters, so you do not have to worry about your next filter change.

How loud can an air purifier be while picking up dust?

Generally, on the lowest setting, an air purifier is not loud enough for you to hear it. At the lowest setting, the best air purifier works at just 25dB, which is extremely quiet. However, at the highest setting of an air purifier, it is possible for you to hear the noise of the fan.

How do you dispose of the dust mite particles from your air purifier?

The filters in your air purifier work effectively to trap the dust mite particles, which are larger than 0.3 microns. Once the filters trap these particles, they stay within the air purifier, until you replace your air filters after a few months. The air filter indicator light informs you about the next air filter change so that you always have clean air filters working optimally to remove dust mites, airborne particles, allergens, germs and bacteria and mold from your home.

Can you run your air purifier overnight to pick up dust?

Yes, you can definitely run your air purifier overnight. Since the air purifier works on electricity and has a power cord, it gets a constant supply of power from your home to run efficiently. The best air purifiers run all night to clean the air of your home, remove allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew, dust particles and even pet hair and dander.

Thankfully, an air purifier does not require much energy, so you can run it overnight without any worries. If you are still worried about saving energy, you can run your air purifier on the lowest setting to save energy.

How long do you need to run an air purifier to clean a room from dust thoroughly?

Typically, the best air purifiers can run for 30 minutes to 2 hours to completely clean the air of your room. Of course, if you are suffering from dust mites at home, it is a good idea to run your air purifier every day so that the dust mites do not reoccur and the air of your home is clean and pure always. 

So what are the best air purifiers for removing dust mites?

After spending many hours doing thorough research this is the conclusion we came to:

LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

Our Pick
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LEVOIT LV-H132 is the perfect air purifier for eliminating dust mites in your home. It has 3 stage filtration. A preliminary filter which removes the bigger dust particles; a True HEPA filter which removes all the dust mites and finally there is the Activated Carbon that eliminates any smoke or odors. It is entirely safe for your respiratory system as it does not contain harmful substances.

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All those homeowners who are looking for the absolute best when it comes to air purifiers for removing dust mites from your home, the LEVOIT Air Purifier is the best buy for you on the market. The reason why this air purifier is excellent is because of its 3 in 1 air filtration process.

The HEPA filter effectively captures small particles, allergens, dust mites, smoke, and any other airborne particles.

The activated carbon filter effectively traps pet hair, mold, odors, dander, and larger airborne particles.

Finally, a UV-C filter with a 100% ozone-free technology purifies the air of your home and removes germs, bacteria, and other active microbes without harming you or your family.

A Smart Filter change reminder automatically sends you a reminder via an indicator, telling you when it is time to change the air filters. You never have to forget about changing or replacing your air filters again thanks to the simple reminder technology.

The compact size and design of the LEVOIT air purifier ensure that it works the most efficiently in small and medium-sized rooms. You can easily use this air purifier in your homes, offices, dorms and other such rooms!

Why We Like It:

  • The Ultra Silent operation of the LEVOIT air purifier ensures that it never goes beyond 25dB so that you can run the air purifier all night long without causing any kind of disturbances.
  • A night light placed on the air purifier allows you two move in between two brightness settings as you run your air purifier all night. Of course, you can always turn off the night light entirely if you prefer a dark room for undisturbed sleep.
  • The 3 in 1 filtration process efficiently removes dust mites as well as their airborne waste and particles entirely from your home.
  • The fine preliminary filter on your LEVOIT air purifier neutralizes the air dust in your room, improving the overall air quality and giving you clean air to breathe always.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The night light on the LEVOIT air purifier is blue in color, which can inhibit sleep.

The solution to this night light issue is actually straightforward. Since there are 2 levels of night light you can choose from, you can always reduce the brightness of the night light to the minimum so that the blue light does not disturb you. Of course, you can also choose to turn off the night light feature once you are in bed! 

Why You Should Get It:

When it comes to quality performance, design, and features, the LEVOIT air purifier is the best buy for removing dust mites from your home. Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon.

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