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If you are a pet owner, then you are all too familiar with the situation of dealing with pet urine in your home. No matter how observant you are, every once in a while, your pet can get into trouble, and you might not discover an old urine stain until it is too late. Well, for situations like these, you need to get your hands on the best carpet cleaner for old pet urine. Here is everything you need to know about how you can handle old pet urine on your carpets.

After spending hours doing thorough research we set our hearts on Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator. With thousands of happy pet owners, this is by far the most powerful urine stain remover. You can read more on our impressions further down in this article.

How can you detect old pet urine on your carpets?

The first clue that you will get that your carpet might be a victim to your pet’s accidents might be a dank smell that is emitting from some part of your carpet. However, as the urine is old, you might not be able to detect it easily through sight, as the liquid is now dry.

The best way to detect the old pet urine stain is to use a UV flashlight all over your carpet in the dark. The old urine stains will stand out, and you will easily be able to detect it.

Can the cleaner get rid of the stain as well as the stench of old pet urine?

If you have ever found old pet urine on your carpets at home, then you know that more than the stain, it is the dank smell which is overpowering. However, if you can find an excellent cleaner for your carpet which can target old pet urine, you will be able to effectively get rid of not only the stain but also the smell on your carpet.

How often do you need to use the carpet cleaner?

You can use the carpet cleaner as and when you need to; in case you find some odd smells coming from your carpet which you suspect is old pet urine, or in case you encounter some old stains, you can immediately spray the cleaner directly on the surface of your carpet. In case of very old or stubborn stains and smells, you might have to use the cleaner more than once in the same area on your carpet. However, this should effectively remove the old pet urine stench and stain from the carpet.

How does a cleaner remove old pet urine stains and smells from your carpet?

Unlike other typical carpet cleaners, a cleaner which is made specifically to target pet urine and odors work in a slightly different way. Standard carpet cleaners contain chemicals which break down stains and smells, efficiently removing them from your carpet. However, these cleaners don’t always work so well on old pet urine on your carpets.

The way that these specific carpet cleaners work is that they contain natural enzymatic bacteria. When this enzyme comes in contact with the pet urine stains and odor, it automatically gets activated. The enzymatic bacteria then targets the stain and odor, feeding on the organic matter and the ammonia crystals, slowly breaking them down until it completely removes it from your carpets.

How long do you need to let the cleaner solution soak on your carpet for it to work?

Well, this depends upon cleaner to cleaner, and you will have to check the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results. However, generally, you will have to allow a carpet cleaner to soak for at least an hour for it to work. During this hour, the carpet cleaners natural enzymes activate, coming into contact with the pet urine, and start working on breaking down the organic matter and removing it effectively from your carpet, thus eliminating the odor as well as the stain.

What is the best cleaner to remove old pet urine?

With the variety of products out there, it can be tricky to choose the winners. Lucky for you, we did our homework and here are the results:

Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator 

Our Pick
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If you want something powerful enough to remove even the oldest urine stains from your carpets and floors, then Rocco & Roxie have the perfect product for you. This professional strength stain and odor eliminator uses active enzymes that eliminate the urine stain and odors. You can use it on carpets, floors, furniture and even clothes. You can see the results with just one use.

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Your beloved pets are a source of comfort and happiness to you, however, once in a while, even the best-behaved pets can have accidents on your carpets. You might not even notice it until it is too late. Well, to target and remove these old pet urine stains and odors, you will need a powerful carpet cleaner. Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator is a fantastic product for removing any kind of old pet urine odor and stains from your carpets effectively.

The product is specifically designed to target new as well as old pet urine stains and odors. The natural enzymes come in contact with the organic matter and activate, then feeding on them and breaking them down to help you remove it.

Taking care of old pet urine stains and odors has never been easily; simply spray the Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator, allow it to soak for at least an hour or more, place a towel and some weights over it, and then simply vacuum up the area to remove the old pet urine stain and odor.

Why We Like It:

  • Very easy and convenient to use; simply spray and let it soak, and then vacuum the area
  • You can use it on your carpets as well as other materials as well to remove old pet urine stains and odors
  • The solution does not cause fading or bleaching on your colored carpets
  • The product is entirely chlorine-free, so you can use it in a home with children and pets without any worries

What We Don’t Like:

  • In case of very stubborn stains and odors, you might have to leave the product on the carpet area overnight, which can be a little difficult if you have children or pets at home

The fix: you can apply the solution on your carpet at night and place towels along with weights on the same area so that your pets do not disturb the area. Then, you can simply clean up the solution the next morning! 

Why You Should Get It:

Old pet urine stains and odors can be the most difficult to find and even more challenging to remove. However, Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator is the best product on the market, which eliminates all of these effectively, without causing any damage to your beautiful carpets. Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon.  

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