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Whether it is just a matter of being too busy, or you simply want to save time and energy, a central vacuum system has a lot of benefits for your home. There are several kinds of central vacuum systems you can opt for, depending upon your specific needs. Here is everything you need to know about the best central vacuum system. 

We spent dozens of hours doing thorough research to help you find the one vacuum that fits your needs. Our preferred choice is OVO Central Vacuum System. It is a very powerful system that can cover up to 9000 sq.ft.

You can read more on our impressions with this central vacuum system further down in this article. Before that, we gathered a bit of information that will help you make a choice!

How does a central vacuum system work?

A traditional vacuum cleaner helps you remove dirt, debris, and dust particles from your home as you maneuver it around manually. In the same way, a central vacuum system automatically suctions out dirt and debris from your home.

A central vacuum system works automatically and does not require your manual intervention. These systems last for about 20 years and have potent suction to help vacuum out all the dust, dirt, and debris from your home. 

How often do you need to empty out the central vacuum system? 

The central vacuum system carries the dust, debris, and dirt, through tubing system in the walls and collects all this debris in a canister or a bag which is located in remote utility space.

The best part about this type of system is that you only need to empty it out about once in three months. However, this can vary slightly depending upon the quantity of debris which is being collected regularly from the building. 

Is it possible for the central vacuum system to lose its suctioning power?

Well, just like any other machine, a central vacuum system can also malfunction every once in a while. Typically, if you notice that your system is not working correctly or it has lost some of its suctioning power, then there might be some sort of a clog in the hose or the pipe of the vacuum system.

Of course, you need professional help to guide you with the next steps, but most of the time, this can be a significant cause and is easily repairable by professionals. 

Where do you place a central vacuum system?

You can place it in the basement or your garage. These are the most common places in a household or a building where people generally install their central vacuum systems, and due to its location, the central vacuum system stays cooler. 

Does the system need to be vented on the outside?

Yes, this is a compulsory thing which you need to take care of if you opt for a central vacuum system. Most of these require venting on the outside, so you must purchase a filtered unit or a bagged unit.

However, there are a few which do not require an outside unit or outside venting. For these kinds of systems, you can opt for bags. However, it is always a better option to go for an outside venting, as it reduces both odors as well as noise inside your building. 

Can you install it into an existing building or only for new construction buildings? 

Typically, the installation takes place when new buildings are under construction, as it is easier to set up the entire system along with the tubings. However, even if you wish to install it into your existing building, it is still possible!

It is essential to find the best kind of central vacuum system for the specific needs of your building to ensure that you can use the system optimally.

What is the system you can get?

There are so many different manufacturers and models out there to be able just to pick one. Lucky for you, we did our thorough research to help you narrow it down. Here is our choice:

OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System

Our Pick
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If you need a robust system that can pick up even the most stubborn dirt, hair, and grime from your home, then OVO has the perfect product for you. It is ideal for large households with coverage of 9000 sq.ft. The system comes with a soft start motor that ensures up to 20 percent longer lifespan. On top of all, it’s very silent.

Check the price on Amazon

The OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System is just how it sounds. This powerful central vacuum cleaner gives a 700-watt performance and covers 9000 sq feet areas making it perfect for large spaces.

With the help of a high-efficiency filtration system along with disposable filter bags, the air in your home is purified not once but twice! There is a triple layer filtration bag available which ensures that there are no airborne particles and dust which can otherwise cause a lot of damage and breathing problems

The 35L capacity of the disposable bag is easy to empty out once it is full, as you can empty it out from the bottom without any sort of hassle. 

Not only is the motor design much more efficient than other central vacuum systems, but an added noise-blocking foam ensures that your system works as silently as possible, never causing any kind of interruption or disturbance to your household. 

Why We Like It:

  • The super-efficient motor and noise blocking foam ensure tranquil operation 
  • The bottom load mechanism means that you can quickly empty out the disposable dirtbag without any struggle 
  • Covers an area of 9000 sq. feet; works great for large buildings and homes
  • An LED indicator allows you to easily access the status of the product, like when it is time to empty out the canister, or when the machine needs repair or maintenance. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The high suction pressure can cause eventual damage to your gates while you remove the hose from the wall inlet.

The fix: You can install a pressure relief valve near the power unit, as this will help you regulate the pressure of the system. You can control the pressure when you want to remove the hose from the wall inlet so that there is no damage. 

Why You Should Get It:

When it comes to opting for a proper central vacuum system which works almost noiselessly in your home and also has excellent suction power, you simply cannot go wrong with OVO! Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon. 

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