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Anyone who owns golf clubs and enjoys the sport will agree that it is one of their most prized possessions! However, this does not mean that you need to spend hours cleaning and maintaining your beautiful golf clubs. A good cleaner will help you achieve the same results without having to invest too much time or effort into the entire process. If you are looking for the best cleaner for golf clubs, here is a thorough guide with our recommendations to help you decide!  

In case you want our recommendation right away, check out The Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner on Amazon. It is a fantastic combination of a brush and cleaner dispenser that will make your golfing days much easier.

You can read more on our impressions with this product further down in the article. Before you get there here is a bit of information to help you on your way!

How often should you clean your golf clubs with a cleaner? 

While there are many opinions and a lot of debate around this topic, there is no ‘magic number’ as to how often you should clean your golf clubs. The best players will urge you to give your golf clubs a good rinse and wipe down after every round, while other players prefer to clean them after every shot! 

As for using a cleaner on your golf clubs, the best course of action would be to clean your golf clubs with a cleaner after every game. The cleaner will remove all the embedded dirt, grass, mud, and other elements that you might pick up during your game. Regularly cleaning your golf clubs with a good cleaner not only keeps them clean, prologues their life but it also helps you play your games optimally.  

Do you need to use other cleaning tools with the cleaner? 

Yes, a cleaner is not enough on its own to really deep clean your golf clubs. You definitely need to have other cleaning tools with you, like a sponge, water, a bucket may be, dry cloth and towels, and some scrubbing brushes 

Of course, you will also find certain golf club cleaners on the market which come along with an attachment of nylon brushes and a water tank as well. These kinds of cleaners are a complete kit on their own, which you can even attach to your golf bags if you wish to!

Simply insert your golf club into the cleaner and allow the water and nylon brushes to do their magic, giving you a clean and impressive looking golf club every time.  

Can you use other cleaning solutions in your golf club cleaner? 

Of course, you can use other cleaning solutions in the cleaner; however, it is not really necessary. After every round, all your golf clubs really need is a quick rinse and scrubbing with some scrubbing brushes.

You can mix a few drops of a good soap or detergent into your cleaner along with the water if you really want to be thorough, but you don’t really need to put in any other kind of cleaner. Just water and the scrubbing brush is enough to clean your brushes for you to use again.  

Does a dirty golf club reduce your performance while playing golf? 

Many golf players will actually agree with the fact that playing with a dirty golf club is really a wrong move. Not only does the mud, dirt, and grass make your beautiful golf clubs look extremely dirty and messy, but it can also play a role in the kind of shot you end up making.

If you notice that your golf club is getting dirty after each shot, you should simply use the golf club cleaner to rinse it off, and then wipe off your club with a towel to ensure that you are not playing with a dripping wet golf club!  

Can you use the golf club cleaner on the handle of the club? 

Well, no rules or instructions are stating that you cannot do this, so if you think your gold club handle requires an emergency cleaning, use the cleaner to do so!  

What is the best golf club cleaner?

As golf becomes more and more popular, today there are so many different cleaners and tools you can choose from. But this only makes your task to decide, much more difficult. Lucky for you, we did our homework and found the best cleaners you can use, so you can only concentrate on improving your skills! Here are our recommendations:

Our Pick
ProActive Sports Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner

Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner is a simple cleaning system that consists of a brush and a leakproof cleaner dispenser. The bristles of the brush are made of nylon, which is safe to use on your golf clubs, without causing any damage. Simply fill the reservoir with a cleaning fluid, and gently squeeze it while brushing the clubs. It also comes with a quick-release clip to attach it to your bag. 

While many golf players rely on their caddy to rinse and wipe off their golf clubs after every game, you might not have the patience to do so! Well, for players like you, the Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner is the best product that you could wish for.  

The Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner is a two in one cleaning product, which not only rinses out your golf club with clean water but also has nylon hard bristled brush which you can use to scrub out any stuck up pieces of grass, mud, and dirt from your golf club. The cleaner is so easy to use that you can literally use it for a wipe down after each shot if you wish to!  

The cleaner shoots out a small jet of water when you squeeze it, rinsing out your golf club. You can also mix just a drop of detergent into this water so that you can clean your golf club with soap and water after each shot or each round.  

The best part about The Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner is the fact that you can simply clip it on to your golf bag and carry it along, as and when you need to.  

Why We Like It:

  • Small, compact and extremely lightweight cleaner
  • You can mix just water or water and soap into the tank for a more thorough cleaning 
  • A clip allows you to attach and detach the cleaner from your golf bag
  • Leakproof cleaner; squeeze the bottle to have a steady jet of water 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Since the cleaner is so compact, the water tank capacity is not huge, so you will have to refill the water tank after a few rounds

The fix: You can simply carry a water bottle along with you and refill the cleaner as and when you need to without any hassle! 

Why You Should Get It:

We always think of huge products and expensive cleaners when it comes to keeping your golf clubs clean. The Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner is a two in one product which rinsing out as well as scrubs your golf club after each shot; easy, convenient and lightweight!

Keep your golf clubs clean after each shot and play your best game with The Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner. Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon. 

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