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You can own the fanciest designer labels in town, however, if your clothes emit a foul odor, then you will never be able to give a good impression to others. While you will find a host of different kinds of laundry detergents on the market for all sorts of needs, what you need to find is an excellent detergent that will help you remove foul odors from your clothes. If you are trying to find the best laundry detergent for odor removal, then here is a thorough guide including our suggestions to help you decide.  

If you are in a hurry and want the answer right away, check the WIN Sports Detergent on Amazon. If it can take care of those harsh smells from your workout clothes, it can deal with anything else. This is definitely our favorite!

You can read our full review of this amazing odor-removing detergent further down in this article. Before you get there, here is a bit more information on how to choose a good detergent!

How does a laundry detergent remove odor from your clothes? 

For those busy individuals who do a lot of running around, or only those looking to remove the sweaty smells from their activewear apparel, good laundry detergent can make all the difference. Most regular laundry detergents don’t work too well in eliminating the musty, sweaty smells from clothes, primarily synthetic or other materials.

However, a laundry detergent made for odor removal works exceptionally well to break the bond between the oils from the human body and the fabric of the clothes. In this way, the laundry detergent effectively removes the odor from your clothes. 

What kind of fabrics can you use this kind of an odor removing laundry detergent on? 

Most activewear and sportswear are made of synthetic fibers, which cause the sweat and oils from your body to stick to them. Laundry detergents, which target odors, have unique ingredients that help them remove these odors from your synthetic clothes, which other regular laundry detergents cannot do well.

However, you can use this odor, removing laundry detergent on other materials as well, such as cotton and lycra.  

However, when it comes to more delicate materials like silk, you should not use a laundry detergent that removes odors for them, simply because silk is a very delicate fabric.  

How often should you wash your clothes with the laundry detergent to remove odors? 

If you want your clothes to smell fresh and sweat-free, then ideally you should wash them every time you wear them and sweat in them. The more you allow the sweats, salts, and oils from your body to remain on your clothes, the harder it will be to remove the odors later on. You can wash your clothes using the laundry detergents regularly, as much as you need to.  

Should you separate your clothes when using the special laundry detergent for removing odors? 

If you are using the laundry detergent to remove odors from your gym wear, activewear or your workout clothes, then you should separate these clothes from your regular laundry for washing them. Doing this is just a more hygienic habit and allows you to keep your activewear clean and free of bacteria and odors.  

Is an odor removing laundry detergent safe to use on color clothes? 

Well, when you are looking for the best laundry detergent which will help you remove odors from your clothes, you should look for one which is also safe on your clothes as well as your skin. The product should not contain any ingredients which are harmful or abrasive either for you, your clothes or for the environment. 

If you can find a laundry detergent like that, then you can safely use it for your colored clothes without worrying about the laundry detergent bleaching or fading the colors.  

How long do you need to soak your clothes in the laundry detergent to remove the odors? 

To remove the odors from your clothes, you should typically soak your clothes in odor-removing laundry detergent for an hour, and then run a rinse cycle in your washing machine.

What is the best laundry detergent for odor elimination?

With so many different detergents available today, it can be quite confusing when trying to choose, right? Luckily, we took our time to test a few of the best sellers and see which one would give us the best results. Here are our favorites:

Our Pick
WIN Sports Laundry Detergent
$15.95 ($0.50 / Load)

Win Free and Clear Sports Detergent, contains a unique formula that tackles the smelly oils and residues from your clothing. It doesn't just cover up the smells, but instead, it breaks the bond between the oils and the fabric in order to remove them quickly. It is perfect for your activewear.

This is fragrance and dye-free, which makes it perfect if you have sensitive skin. 

06/19/2024 04:19 am GMT

When it comes to removing the odor from your clothes, regular laundry detergents may not always work well to do this exact job. However, WIN Sports Detergent has been designed specifically for this purpose, effectively removing all kinds of odors from your clothes and helping them smell like new once again.  

WIN Sports Detergent is a gentle enough detergent that you can use it regularly on your clothes without worrying about any kind of damage to your clothes, your skin, or even the environment! The laundry detergent works brilliantly on synthetic fibers such as gym wear and activewear to remove the musty, sweaty odors, oils, and salts from the clothes.  

WIN Sports Detergent does not have any synthetic perfumes, so your clothes are not masked by some other kind of perfume smell. Instead, the existing smells are simply removed! You can use it on your sportswear or even on your cotton clothes to remove all kinds of odors.  

The laundry detergent is also safe on colors, so if you have a particularly colorful item of clothing, you can use WIN Sports Detergent without worrying about ruining your beautiful clothes.  

Why We Like It:

  • You can use it on all kinds of fabrics, including synthetic, lycra and cotton.
  • Removes all kinds of odors without using any synthetic smells or perfumes to mask the smells
  • You can use it regularly on your clothes without worrying about damage
  • The bottle lid is also a measuring dispenser, so you never end up wasting or using too much product

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Since the bottle cap is also a measuring dispenser, it often becomes messy to close the lid back once you finish dispensing the product into your washer.

The fix: Simply remember to rinse out and wipe the bottle cap to dry it once you finish using it as a dispenser, and you will not have to deal with the sloppy, messy bottle cap anymore!

Why You Should Get It: 

WIN Sports Detergent is just the product that you need if you own a lot of activewear and work out clothes. However, this fantastic laundry detergent is also great if you want to use it with your regular cotton clothes just to get the musty, sweaty odors out of them. The laundry detergent is gentle on your clothes as well as your skin, so you can use it without worry! Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon. 

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