How to Absorb Condensation from Windows

Condensation can make your otherwise spotless windows look foggy and blurred. If you are thinking about how to absorb condensation from windows, there are many quick and easy solutions which you can explore in this informative article. From easy tips, you can try now, to special products such as the Hysure Portable Dehumidifier you can get from Amazon now!

Why does condensation occur?

Condensation can happen for many reasons. You might be living in a humid climate, where the heat from outside your home meets the cold windows of your home and causes water vapor to form, thus causing condensation on your windows.

This can also happen if you have a heating system only in certain rooms of your home. The warm air absorbs water vapor, which then travels to the other rooms of your home. This air turns into condensation as it hits your cold windows.

Is condensation on windows bad?

The excess moisture that builds up on your windows can really cause damage to the window frames. Especially if you have wooden frames. It also leads to mold and mildew development, which by itself increases the chances of bacteria spreading around in your home. So if you think about it, by getting rid of the condensation and excessive moisture from your windows, you protect them and your health.

What is the ideal humidity level in a home?

In order to know what are the humidity levels in your home, you will need a hygrometer. The ideal humidity level to maintain a healthy living space should be between 40% and 50%. In the winter periods, since the difference in outside and inside temperature is bigger, you should keep the humidity below 40%. This will help you avoid condensation on your windows.

How can you stop condensation in your home? 10 Steps

  1. One of the simplest ways to stop excessive humidity in your home is using a dehumidifier. This is a machine which removes the excess humidity from your home by trapping the moisture into the machine, thus making the air of your home dryer. This stops the condensation process.
  2. However, in opposite cases where you live in a dry climate and use a humidifier at home, it would be advisable to turn off the humidifier, so that there is less moisture in the air. This will reduce the chances of condensation. 
  3. Daily household activities such as cooking or taking a shower can cause a lot of moisture to be released into your home. In order to prevent condensation, you can open up the windows and doors during these activities. You can also turn on the fans of the room for some time after cooking or showering. This will prevent condensation on your windows.
  4. Keeping houseplants can also be a cause for condensation. Plants release moisture levels and can increase the condensation on the windows near them. You can simply change the position of your plants, moving from further away from the windows.
  5. Circulate the air in the room. You can use the ceiling fans for this.
  6. Improve ventilation. There are special building materials such as air bricks or roof ventilation tiles or window wents, that will help ventilation. Keep in mind those can lead to heat leaving the home.
  7. Turn off any humidifier in the house. This is kind of obvious, but some people may ignore it.
  8. Use a hygrometer. This is a device that measures the moisture levels from the air. Constantly monitor the moisture percentage in your home. With colder air, you should keep a lower percentage of moisture inside.
  9. Dry your clothes outside. If you don’t own a drier you should place your just washed clothes outside. In order for them to dry, water must evaporate, which creates moisture in the air. If you don’t have the option to line dry your clothes outside, keep the room ventilated by opening the windows from time to time of turning on the fan.
  10. Install weather stripping on the windows. The weather stripping is a protective strip that will prevent cold air to go from outside and cool down the windows. Just apply it to all your windows and doors that have glass.

Commercial products for absorbing condensation

While these simple home remedies might work to stop condensation from building up on the windows, there are times when no matter what you do, your windows are still foggy. In these cases, you will need to turn to commercial products which will absorb the excess moisture. These are our top 4 picks of the best commercial products to absorb condensation.

#01. Hysure Portable Dehumidifier

Hysure Portable Dehumidifier

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Product description 

If your windows are becoming unnecessarily foggy due to condensation, a dehumidifier sounds perfect for your home. The Hysure Dehumidifier is small and soundless, making it your best friend at home for perfect, spotless windows.


  • An energy saving, eco-friendly solution for absorbing the excess moisture from your home
  • Automatic turn off system
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ultra-quiet technology


  • Low electricity consumption- 0.07 W/h
  • Small, can be stored anywhere
  • Noiseless – can be used while sleeping


  • Auto-shut off technology will switch off the dehumidifier when the tank is full. 

However, this is simply a signal to clear out the tank. Once you do that, you can use your dehumidifier with ease once again. So maybe you can think of this as a good thing.


This mini-portable dehumidifier is the ideal solution to the problem you have with condensation and excess moisture. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

#02. DampRid Moisture Absorber

DampRid Moisture Absorber

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Product description 

A crystal-based unit which can effectively suck up the moisture from large rooms, keeping your home moisture free, and your windows clear!


  • Deodorizes your rooms
  • Long lasting – up to 60 days in large rooms
  • Sucks up the excess moisture really fast


  • Long lasting and refillable packs
  • Reduces formation of must and mold
  • Removes musty odors
  • Easy to pour out water from the system without spillage


  • They cannot be stored inside small spaces

Since the package is medium sized, it can be difficult to store it in smaller spaces, however, you can place DampRid on the top shelves or racks to keep away from spillage.


Easy to use, DampRid effectively removes and absorbs all the moisture from your home, keeping your windows condensation free. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

#03. Water Snake

Water Snake

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Product description 

If you are looking for a simple solution to absorb all the excess moisture in your home without spending a lot on buying dehumidifiers, the Water Snake absorber might the best solution.


  • Made of fabric which absorbs all the excess moisture from your home
  • Protects your windows and window sills from damage by condensation
  • Different sizes for different windows


  • The water snake can be cleaned, dried and reused easily
  • Absorbs moisture as well as prevents drafts from entering from windows
  • Stops water leaks due to rainfall or flooding
  • Can be very helpful during emergency situations


  • Can be difficult to dry after washing

Since the water snake is so absorbent, reusing right after washing it can be difficult, as the soap and water is very difficult to dry out. However, by drying the water snake in a dryer or using a source of heat, instead of air drying it, you can dry the water snake effectively


Easy to use, versatile, and will fit in anywhere, the water snake is ideal for absorbing moisture and preventing window condensation! Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

#04. Pro Breeze Renewable Cordless Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Renewable Cordless Mini Dehumidifier

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Product description 

Looking for a perfect, safe and easy to carry dehumidifier? Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier is the perfect solution for travels or summer houses. 


  • Safe and non-toxic
  • No-spillage design
  • Cordless technology


  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Rechargeable, no batteries required
  • Can be used in smaller spaces


  • The beads inside the system might pop if kept on charge for too long

 However, the recommended period for charging is 8-10 hours for recharging the crystals, and you can turn it off after the recommended time to avoid the beads from popping.


A non-toxic and safe solution for removing excess moisture from your home, Pro Breeze is ideal for smaller spaces in your home. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

How to stop condensation on windows at night

Before going to bed, simply open the windows in your bedroom for a couple of minutes. This will decrease the moisture levels on the inside as well as balance the difference in temperatures, just enough so that condensation doesn’t occur overnight. If you use a humidifier while sleeping, consider turning it off or at least put it on a lower setting. Using one of the products above inside your bedroom will reduce your condensation problems.

How to stop condensation on double glazed windows

Double glazed windows contain two panels of glass and air, gas or vacuum in between. These are great for saving energy since 70% of your home heat leaves the room through the windows. But on the other hand, they increase the chances of dump and moisture of happening in your home. What if this moisture gets in between the glass panels of the double glazed windows? This means that the sealant has failed and now moisture can go inside that space. The only thing you can do is call a professional to repair that sealant or even change the glass on that window.

How to prevent condensation on windows

While these products work wonders on absorbing and removing condensation from windows, you can always use a few tricks to prevent condensation from occurring altogether.

Simply keeping your windows and doors open for a while can help drive out excess humidity from your home. Maintain a constant temperature in your home when using a heating or cooling system and you can greatly prevent condensation from appearing on your windows.

Clear the condensation from your windows regularly. Constant condensation leads to mold and mildew development which can have negative effects on your health.

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