How to Clean Juul Battery

Juul devices are becoming increasingly popular amongst adult smokers who are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, the nicotine levels on a Juul device can be regulated, giving you just as much nicotine hit as you want. However, it is essential to maintain Juul properly. If you are looking for easy ways on how to clean Juul battery, here is everything you need to know about it. 

How to clean the Juul battery using Q-tips

Since the battery of your Juul device is very delicate, you have to use very gentle methods to clean it as well. Here is how you can clean it with just Q-tips: 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to remove the Juul pod. Take some paper towels or a Q-tip and blot up any excess liquid from this area. Make sure that you gently wipe it clean. 
  2. Now, you will find some spring pins which allow the juices to flow into the Juul’s battery; this is the area which you want to clean up. 
  3. Take your Q-tip and press down on the metal connection pins. The liquid will slowly start to leak out and drain. Use your Q-tip to blot up the excess liquid and clean the battery as well as the springs, which can get a lot of build-up over time. 
  4. Make sure that you change the Q-tip when necessary and use a new one for cleaning. Do this process regularly to ensure that your Juul battery is always clean. 

How to clean the Juul battery using alcohol 

If your Juul requires more in-depth cleaning, then you will have to opt for the alcohol method. However, you have to do this very carefully and ensure that no liquid gets into the inside of the Juul or the battery, or you may damage your device. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Take your Q-tip and dip it in an alcohol solution. Now, the most crucial step is the squeeze out all the excess alcohol and make sure that the Q-tip is damp, and not wet. 
  2. Remove the mouthpiece of your Juul and wipe clean the entire inside using the alcohol Q-tip. 
  3. Make sure that you do not compress the pins, and you are merely cleaning around the metal pins. It is vital to remember this. Otherwise, you may permanently damage your Juul device. When you reach the battery, use the Q-tip to gently wipe off any excess dirt, grime or build up from the surface, but be sure not to compress the metal pins! 
  4. Finally, wipe down the entire Juul device with dry cotton buds or paper towels. 

How to clean the Juul battery using tweezers

If you do not clean your Juul device for long enough, dirt and grime will build up, causing a cakey sort of residue which is hard to clean with a Q-tip. For this method, you can use tweezers to clean the Juul device and battery. Here is how you can do it:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the mouthpiece of the Juul and clean it using a Q-tip plain, or one which you dip in alcohol. 
  2. Now, once you get to the metal connecting pins, you can use a dry Q-tip for cleaning this area thoroughly. 
  3. Take your small pair of tweezers and scrape out or fish out any sold build-up and grime from this area. Be very careful during this step as you don’t want to scratch the battery or cause any damage.
  4. Turn your Juul device upside down and keep a paper towel underneath it. Now, take your Q-tips or a paper towel and compress the metal pins to drain out the juices. If you don’t do this, the liquids can leak into your battery and cause damage to it. It is essential to do this step and make sure you use a dry Q-tip to clean out the excess liquid leaking out. 
  5. Wipe down your entire Juul device with Q-tips or paper towels and store it for later use. 

How to maintain your Juul device and battery

When it comes to cleaning your Juul battery, it is best that you clean it regularly using a dry cotton swab, Q-tips or some paper towels. Other than that, it is vital to clean the build-up of juices, dirt, and grime using tweezers, and only use the alcohol method once in a while, as it is quite dangerous if the alcohol gets into your Juul battery. 

Another essential thing to remember is that you should avoid disassembling your entire Juul device unless it is completely necessary. Every once in a while, you will face an issue where every cleaning method you use is not good enough for cleaning your Juul device and battery. In this case, you can disassemble your entire Juul and clean every component of it one by one. 

It is a very tedious process and is also extremely dangerous, so you should only use this as a last resort. The best thing you can do for your Juul device is to take it to a professional instead of performing the ‘high-risk Juul surgery’ on your own. Make sure that you clean your Juul and its battery regularly and clean up the residue and liquids so that your Juul is working optimally at all times!

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