How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths Naturally

Carpet moths can often cause a great deal of damage to your beautiful carpets at home, eating through the fibers, and laying their eggs. Getting rid of these carpet moths can be a very costly affair. However, if you can detect the presence of carpet moths before they can damage your carpets, you can use some natural ways to get rid of them. Here are some great remedies on how to get rid of carpet moths naturally. 

How to get rid of carpet moths using a steam vacuum cleaner 

One of the best ways to destroy the moth eggs and larvae is to use a steam vacuum cleaner. It also helps prevent future moth infestation. Here is how you can do it: 

  1. You need to use a steam vacuum cleaner for this method, however, in case the fibers of your carpet are very delicate, make sure that you don’t use the highest heat setting on the steamer.
  2. Vacuum your entire carpet using the regular vacuum cleaner first, and then use the steam vacuum setting on it, as it will help destroy all the moth eggs and larvae.
  3. You can also turn your entire carpet over and vacuum the underside of the carpet using the same method.
  4. Finally, if you can remove your carpet from the room, then you can take it outdoors and keep it in direct sunlight for a couple of hours, as it will destroy the remaining moth eggs from your carpet fibers. 

How to get rid of carpet moths using lavender essential oil

While lavender may smell amazing to us humans, moths cannot stand the smell of it, and it acts as a natural repellent. Here is how you can get rid of carpet moths using lavender essential oil: 

  1. Take a spray bottle and fill it up with water.
  2. Add just a few drops of your favorite lavender essential oil to the spray bottle and shake it well.
  3. Now, run your vacuum cleaner over your carpet once to clean it, and spray the lavender essential oil directly on to your carpet. You do not need to spray too much, as the smell might be too overpowering even for you. Spray a small amount of the lavender essential oil and water mixture on to your carpets and the area around your carpets.
  4. You can spray this solution as and when you feel the need to, even on alternate days if you want, as it is not only an excellent moth repellent, but it also makes your carpet smell fresh and pleasant. 

How to get rid of carpet moths using a hairdryer 

Moths, moth eggs and their larvae cannot stand extreme temperatures, be it cold or hot. Using a hairdryer can be a very effective way of getting rid of carpet moths. Here is how you can do it: 

  1. Take your hairdryer and turn it on to its highest setting.
  2. Using the hairdryer, go over your entire carpet section by section. Once you are done, repeat the same process on the underside of the carpet. The heat from the hairdryer effectively destroys any moth eggs and moth larvae from your carpets.
  3. You can then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the entire residue. Make sure that you dispose of the contents safely and clear out the whole residue outside your home so that none of the remnants have a chance of getting back into your home. 

How to get rid of carpet moths using cloves and bay leaves 

Cloves and bay leave both have a powerful, distinct smell which moths simply cannot tolerate. Here is how you can use these ingredients to remove carpet moths from your home: 

  1. Take a few pieces of bay leaves along with a handful of cloves.
  2. Take a small pouch which is made of cotton, so that it is completely breathable. Do not use a zip lock bag for this method, as the fragrance of the bay leaves and cloves will not seep out through this.
  3. Place this small pouch under your carpet in a very inconspicuous place. If you want, you can make a few pouches in the same way and place them in different areas under your carpet. Alternatively, you can also simply put a handful of bay leaves and cloves under your carpet without the pouch.
  4. Make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner regularly on your carpet to get rid of the current carpet moths, and the bay leaves and cloves will keep away any new carpet moths or their larvae from your carpets.  

How to get rid of carpet moths using the freezing method 

As you already know, moths cannot stand extreme temperatures. Just like extreme heat, carpet moths will also die if you expose them to freezing temperatures. Here is how you can use this method to get rid of carpet moths from home: 

  1. If you cannot do it alone, then get some help to move your carpet to one of those large freezers.
  2. Keep your carpet in this freezer for one entire day. The extreme cold will effectively kill all the carpet moths.
  3. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum both the top as well as the underside of your carpet and get rid of any remaining larvae or moth eggs from your carpet. 

How to get rid of carpet moths using Indian lilac 

Indian lilac is also known as neem, and it is very useful in getting rid of carpet moths from your home. The moths cannot stand the smell of these leaves, and so it will also prevent them from returning to your home. Here is how you can use it:

  1. You can use Indian lilac in 3 forms; the powder form, the oil form, or the leaf form. If you get Indian lilac leaves, then you can place them under your carpets for a while, as it will get rid of the carpet moths.
  2. As for the oil form, you can mix it with some water in a spray bottle, and spray this directly on your carpets. It will destroy the moths as well as their larvae and eggs.
  3. Finally, you can spread some Indian lilac powder on all sides of your carpet and under your carpet to get rid of the carpet moths. 

How to prevent moth infestation?

Better safe than sorry right? Getting protected in the first place is the best option. Even if you got rid of the moths now, you need to make sure that they never come back.

Moths like dirt, so the cleaner you keep your carpets the leser the chance for them to show up. Regular vacuuming can do wonders.

There are many repealing products out there today. These products change the taste of the fabric and moths do not eat it.


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