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11 Ways to Remove Grease Stain From Wood

If you possess some beautiful, wooden items in your home, then you know how devastating it is to find grease stains on them. There are many simple techniques that you can use to remove these grease stains. If you are interested to learn all the easy ways in which you can remove grease stain from wood, read on to find out!

I have to admit, spilling grease on the floors, the furniture or even the kitchen cabinets happens to me all the time, and I hate it! But luckily, there are a few methods to help you do that, and I will share them with you. Some of the methods use household fluids, and some are special cleaners such as the Krud Kutter Degreaser you can find on Amazon.

Remove grease stain with dishwashing liquid and vinegar

Dishwasher liquid (link to Amazon) hasthe properties of cutting away at grease, while white vinegar is an excellent compound to clean and remove stains. Due to the innate features of these compounds, dishwashing liquid and vinegar can be used to remove a grease stain from wood. Read the simple steps below to use this easy method to remove grease using just dishwashing liquid and vinegar.

Things that you will require:

  • clean cloth
  • sponge
  • warm water
  • dishwashing liquid
  • white vinegar


  1. Use a clean cloth to gently blot away at the grease and remove excess grease from the wood.
  2. Start making your DIY solution to clean up the grease. Mix white vinegar with equal parts of warm water.
  3. Now, using your clean sponge, dip the sponge in this cleaning solution and wipe the grease off the stained area. The warm water and vinegar solution will start to act on the grease immediately and will clean the stained wood.
  4. Move your sponge in soft, circular motions around the grease to ensure that the stain does not spread any further.
  5. Keep using this cleaning solution on the stain, and you will start seeing the stain slowly reducing or disappearing.
  6. Next, get hold of a spray bottle and pour 1 tsp of some dishwashing into it. Put some warm water into the spray bottle and shake the bottle well.
  7. Gently spray this mixture on the stained area and allow it to sit undisturbed for 5 to 10 minutes.
  8. Now, use your sponge once again to wipe off the area using gentle, circular motions.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the results, use a clean cloth which has been soaked in warm water to wipe off the surface of the wood. This step is quite important as you must ensure that all the remnants of the cleaning solution and the dishwashing mixture have been removed properly from the surface of the wood.
  10. Now, wipe down the wood to let it completely dry.

Warning: When using the sponge and the solutions in a circular motion, ensure that you do not apply too much pressure on the wood, as you might end up causing damage to the wood.

Remove grease stain with iron

There are circumstances when the grease stain on your wood is simply too stubborn to remove with mild agents. This does not mean that you will have to live with a nasty grease stain on your beautiful wooden furniture! Use a simple method to remove the grease stain with an iron to get rid of these nasty grease stains in no time!

Things that you will require:

  • Iron
  • Clean cloth


  1. Ensure that you set the temperature of the iron to a low to medium heat, as anything higher will cause the iron to overheat.
  2. Place your soft, clean cloth over the stained area on the wood.
  3. Start ironing over the area on which the cloth is placed. The low to medium heat from the iron will melt the grease below the cloth and it will be absorbed into the cloth.
  4. Continue this process until you have removed the grease stain from the wood. Keep in mind that every time you repeat this process, you should be using a clean side of the cloth, as the heat from the iron could cause the grease to be transferred back to the wood and cause more staining.

Remove oil stains with talcum powder

Talcum powder has absorption properties which work like a sponge. Talcum powder can also be used to effectively soak up, absorb and remove grease stains from wood.

  1. This method works best if you can work on the grease stain immediately after it has been made. Take some talcum powder and pour it all over the grease stain. Talcum powder has excellent particles which easily sit into the fibers of the wood, thus absorbing all the oil and grease from between the wood.
  2. Once you have poured the talcum powder over the wood, leave it undisturbed for a few hours, or preferably overnight. Another tip to really facilitate this process is to place the stained wooden item in a room of warm temperature, so that the talcum powder can effectively work on absorbing the oil.
  3. Using a soft brush, scrub away at the oil stain. The grease stain will slowly disappear.
  4. In case you feel that you can remove the grease stain even further, repeat this process.

Use grease stain remover for stubborn stains

There are some stains which are just too stubborn to remove with DIY methods. However, some of the best stain removers can efficiently remove a grease stain from wood with just a few simple steps:

Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser

Krud Kutter concentrated cleaner/degreaser

image source: rustoleum.com

Krud Kutter is an effective stain removal solution which can remove a grease stain from wood, and many other kinds of stains such as wax, crayon, oil, etc.


  1. Krud Kutter is entirely non-toxic, non-abrasive and a non-flammable solution for removing grease.
  2. A water-based solution, easy to use.
  3. Krud Kutter can remove all kinds of stains including grease stains, wax, oil, etc.
  4. The solution contains no components of ammonia, bleach or petroleum solvents.

Puracy Natural Stain Remover

Puracy Natural Stain Remover

image source: puracy.com

Puracy Stain Removal Solution comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle; effectively removing grease stains from wood!


  1. Puracy uses 6 plant-based enzymes.
  2. Comes in 4 different sizes and in an easy to use a spray bottle.
  3. Safe to use on all materials such as wood, fabrics, and is family safe!
  4. Vegan, cruelty-free solution, a great alternative to using harsh, chemical-based cleaning solutions.
Runner Up
Puracy Natural Stain Remover Spray
$7.99 ($2.00 / Fl Oz)

With everyone going green nowadays and using only eco-friendly and organic products, it is no surprise that people are looking for green home cleaning products as well.

Puracy Natural Stain Remover is a great product that is not only powerful and helps you remove all kinds of urine stains from your hardwood floors, but it is also completely organic and non-toxic! 

04/16/2024 02:53 pm GMT

Oil Eater Cleaner & Degreaser

Oil Eater Cleaner & Degreaser

image source: oileater.com

Oil Eater Solution effectively eats through all kinds of oil stains and renews the surface of the wood to make it look fresh and new.


  1. Completely safe to use on all materials. Does not cause any damage as the solution is non-toxic and non-abrasive.
  2. Add the appropriate amount of water to the solution to turn it into a light, medium or heavy cleaner.
  3. Oil eater is appropriate for industrial use; such as on machinery, floor scrubbers, and cleaners, etc.
  4. Works as a household cleaner; can be used on carpets, rugs, floors, tiles, wood, etc.

StoneTech Oil Stain Remover

StoneTech Oil Stain Remover

image source: laticrete.com

StoneTech is a mild solution does not discolor the materials; however, it is strong enough to remove all stains of oil and grease.


  1. Mild oil and grease removing solution; does not cause staining or discoloration.
  2. StoneTech Grease Remover Solution can be used on all surfaces; wood, concrete, sandstone, lime, etc.
  3. Eliminates all kinds of odors left by the oil stains.

OxiClean Max Force Stain Remover

OxiClean Max Force Stain Remover

image source: oxiclean.com

OxiClean Solution is a powerful solution which removes not only oil and grease stains but also other kinds of tough stains.


  1. Works perfectly on tough stains where bleaching and other harsh chemicals are harmful.
  2. Does not cause staining or discoloration on your wood.
  3. Can be used multiple times in the same spot without worrying about damage.
  4. Completely color safe and chlorine free.

Removal of grease stain from untreated wood

  1. Lightly brush the area with a brush soaked in lighter fluid.
  2. Use a solution of lemon juice, bleach, and white vinegar.
  3. After removing the stain; wash and wipe the area clean with a cloth and a solution of soapy water.

Another way to do it is:

Removal of grease stain from polished wood

  1. Apply a solution of white spirit and diatomite on the stained area. Allow the area to dry, and then brush it out to remove the stain.
  2. Cover the stained wood area with talcum powder. Layer on a few pages of brown paper on top of this and pass a hot iron over the paper. The paper, along with the heat of the hot iron will absorb the grease and remove the stain.
  3. If all the above solutions fail, sand down the wood and polish it to remove the stain completely.

Removal of grease stain from varnished wood

  1. Dip a clean sponge in baking soda.
  2. Rub this sponge in light motions, and the stain should disappear.

How to remove old oil stain?

Some stains are noticed a long time after they have already done the damage. In most cases, these solutions might not work on older stains. You can remove older stains from wood with mineral spirits. Example; paint thinner can work wonders on removing grease stains and resorting a fresh look to the wood.

How to use: Simply soak a soft cloth in the mineral spirit. Use this cloth to work in the direction of the grain of the wood. Repeat this step until you have effectively removed the stain from the wood. Then, wash, clean and buff the area with the same steps as you would when using detergent (as mentioned above).

Remember to protect your hands and wear rubber gloves when working with mineral spirits. Remember to keep the doors and windows of the room open to allow proper ventilation.

How to remove grease stains with mineral spirits

You can remove stubborn grease stains your beautiful wooden furniture using mineral spirits. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Take a clean cloth and dampen one end of it using the mineral spirit you have in hand.
  2. Using small but firm circular motions, rub the grease-stained area on the wood. Be careful not to saturate the wood with the liquid as it might cause damage. Work in small portions only.
  3. Make sure you keep the room well ventilated while doing this. Wear protective gear like gloves and an eye mask to avoid irritation.
  4. In case the stain is particularly stubborn, you will have to repeat this process a few times to completely remove the grease stain from the wood.
  5. In a bowl, create a mixture of detergent and warm water.
  6. Dip a clean cloth into this mixture. Wipe off the mineral spirits from the wood, and dry the area using a dry cloth or paper towels.
  7. You should allow the wood to air dry completely. If any stain remains, repeat the process.
  8. Once you see the wood surface has dried, polish the wood using wood polish and a soft cloth to restore its luster.

How to clean grease off hardwood floors

If you happen to have a spill on your hardwood floors, you will find that it can get quite tricky to remove oil off of wood once it starts to cool. This is because grease forms a sticky, cloudy mess as it cools and adheres to the surface of your hardwood floors. Here is how you can clean grease off hardwood floors:

  1. Fill up a small cup with white vinegar and heat it in the microwave.
  2. Dip the end of clean cloth into the vinegar and use small, circular motions to work on the grease on your hardwood floor.
  3. In another bowl, create a mixture of warm water and soap. Dip a clean sponge into this mixture and wipe off the grease-stained area with it. Allow the soapy water mixture to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with a dry cloth.
  4. Now, take some baking soda and sprinkle it over the same area. Let this sit undisturbed for about an hour, then gently wipe it away.
  5. Dip your clean cloth in a warm, soapy water solution and wipe the area away.

Or you can try this method:

How to remove oil stains from wood furniture

In case the oil stain is recent, you will need to soak up the oil using paper towels, newspaper or blotting paper.

  1. Create a soapy mixture using warm water and detergent. Mix it well to create soap suds.
  2. Place some soap suds on the oil-stained area on your wood furniture. Using a clean cloth, rub the soap suds on to the affected area gently. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the wood furniture.
  3. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the soapy area on your furniture.
  4. Take some paper towels and pat the area dry. Then, allow the wood to air dry and check for stains. In case any stains are remaining, take a small amount of oil in a clean cloth and rub it into the oil-stained area of the wood furniture.
  5. Clean off the area using a damp cloth to remove any oil and allow it to air dry.

How to remove hand oil from wooden furniture

The human skin contains natural oils known as sebum which can transfer on to your wood furniture. Over time, this hand oil can cause staining on the furniture. Here is how you can remove hand oil from wooden furniture:

  1. Create a mixture of hot water and soap in a small bowl. Dampen a clean cloth and use this to remove any oil from your wooden furniture. Be sure to run the cloth in the direction of the grain of the wood.
  2. Create another mixture using 1 cup of boiled linseed oil, 1 cup of turpentine and 1/3 cup of white vinegar.
  3. Soak a clean rag into this solution and wring out any excess liquid, so you are only left with a dampened cloth of this solution.
  4. Rub this cloth on to the wooden furniture, working along the grain of the wood. Allow this to sit for five minutes before wiping away the excess using paper towels or a clean cloth.
  5. Let the area completely dry and inspect for any stains. If you find any stains remaining, then repeat the process once again.

How to protect wood from oil stains

  1. While it is not plausible to completely prevent accidental oil spillage on your wood, there are a few ways that you can protect your wood from oil stains.
  2. You should opt for regular cleaning and maintaining your wooden floor and furniture to help protect it against unsightly oil stains.
  3. In case of any spillage, you should immediately work to pick up any excess spillage using paper towels.
  4. Clean your wooden floors regularly and your wood furniture once every week to protect it.
  5. Polishing your wood can also help prevent it from oil stains.

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